The Future of Work – and a brighter future for your community?


Yesterday saw the publication of The Future Of Work, a key report created by Nationwide (the world’s largest building society, and a key UK employer) along with Ipsos MORI and many other contributors. Nationwide gathered 30 leading UK organisations to understand what the workplace could look like in a post-Covid world, and used these findings to help shape the report. It looks at how the pandemic has impacted different generations and demographics and how people might want to work in future.

The key conclusions about work are, unsurprisingly, that there will be more working from home than before the pandemic. More interestingly, the report is clear that while many people would like to work from home more, they don’t think their employers will be as keen. Many homes are not well-suited to working, and so a rise in suburban ‘hub’ workspaces might be envisaged. Some ‘office’ time will likely still be required, and younger workers will need this more to build their work networks and relationships. There are also wellbeing challenges from too much Zoom time.

The report has an intriguing section, ‘Revenge of the suburbs?’, on the impact of all this on local urban communities. If people are commuting less, they have more time – up to six week per year more time – to do something closer to home. The report talks about the demand for local services like cafes, delis, gyms and hairdressers increasing (and indeed we have been seeing this in the lockdown already).

This is all great potential for Villages In The City.  If there are folk spending more time in their local neighbourhood (rather than rushing off to town to work), then perhaps they are interested to join in and develop those communities? That’s where we come in.

Ex-commuters often have excellent skills garnered at work, in communicating, working with others, creating graphics and publications, running websites and all kinds of things which they can use to create and help the neighbourhood.  The thing is, getting involved in a community isn’t quite the same as leading a team or running a project at work.  The skills are closely related, but you need to deploy them in a slightly different way and with a different outlook.

For example, creating accurate and rapid ‘minutes’ or notes after a meeting is a good skill.  What’s the purpose of these minutes – usually to hold people to account. That is how controlling organisations or institutions work. It’s in the minutes, and if you don’t do it we will shout at you/ridicule you/look disappointedly at you/mark you down. In helping to lead or participate in a community, there are other ways to encourage people both to commit to taking a (maybe small) action, and encourage them along with support, interest, encouragement and applause. What gets done is more to do with what is in people’s hearts than in the minutes.

If you would like to develop community in your own neighbourhood, Village In The City is here to help and support you, whether your interest has been sparked by spending more time at home in lockdown (as was mine) or whether you’re tuned in already to the benefits of having a network of connections in the streets around you.  We are have a growing bank of resources, experts, webinars, support calls, our own online community and online courses (coming soon) – all for people like you.

It’s easy to start to get involved.

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  3. Join our online community (free) and say hello – we’re looking forward to welcoming you.

Village In The City is led by Mark McKergow, a former itinerant author, coach and consultant who is building community in his own neighbourhood in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The Village In The City project is currently supporting neighbourhoods as far apart as the USA, Austria, Belgium and Bulgaria as well as around the UK. You are invited to join us whether you’re an experienced community builder, just wanting to get started, or a professional with ideas to share. 

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