VITC founder Mark McKergow's TEDx talk about how he came to start the project and what it's about.

Call #3: Getting your village off the ground with Richard Lucas, Krakow, Poland

Call #6: Community Development and Rekindling Democracy with Cormac Russell

Call #9: Safe, strong, cohesive communities and protection from identity-based violence with Dilia Swart, Protection Approaches

Call #12: Growing your garden AND your community with Kay Walter

Call #1: The Village In The City Manifesto
with Wendy Ellyatt and Adrian Hodgson

Call #4: The benefits of community with Sanderson Jones, founder of Lifefulness

Call #7: The Chatty Cafe Scheme with Jenny Bimpson

Call #10: Making Tulln a 'town of togetherness' with Stefanie Jirgal and Dr Michael Vogler

Call #13: Hospitable Communities with Nigel Gann, City of Sanctuary

Call #2: Village Building with Lara Celini,
Willowbrae, Edinburgh

Call #5: Engaging with churches with Rev Nick Bowry, Penicuik, Scotland

Call #8: ParCityPatory with Paura Puttkamer

Call #11: Digital inclusion and the power of micro-local with Dr Al Mathers

Call #14: Hosting Community with Mark McKergow

Village In The City is a post-COVID initiative to help you build micro-local communications and communities where YOU live.

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