Keen to get started on building your village?  Here are a few key idea which we've found helpful:

Declare yourself a start-up Village Builder - complete this short form to get our Village Building Handbook and access the Facebook group

Look at our resources - worksheets and call recordings which can help you

Gather a small team. Look around and shout out - who it interested to improve their lives, and the lives of those around them, by building a Village In The City.  You'll need at least two others to become a Village In The City on our community map.

Set up a place where people can find you. A Facebook group or similar is a good start, somewhere that people can opt in to and have some control over their engagement.

Put your community on the map!  Fill in our short Village-Builder form and you can be part of our growing community of Village-Builders.  That way you can access resources, learn from others and share your experiences.

Scan the local eco-system

What's out there already?

Is there a convenient, cheery and public place (like a cafe or bar) where you can meet? Find one!

Are there already people working to build community in your micro-locality. Get them involved! (Offering to help them is a good way to do this in the first instance.)

How can you reach out to everyone?  Facebook and email is a good start, but that won't reach everyone. Consider leaflets through the door, posters in local shops, starting a regular get-together with an open invitation (at the same time/day each month?).

Organisational principles

Look to use:

  • The simplest possible organizational structure
  • The least possible hierarchy (we all matter but have different skills)
  • A focus on energy and processes rather than results

Employ a strengths-based approach: 

  1. Start where people are
  2. Start with what people care about
  3. Don’t be afraid of starting small
  4. Share ideas with others
  5. Encourage fun and creativity
  6. Seek innovative solutions to problems
  7. Assume everyone has something to contribute
  8. See issues/tension as something to explore
  9. Allow things to take their own time
  10. Trust in the process


Village In The City is a post-COVID initiative to help you build micro-local communications and communities where YOU live.

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