Resources from Village In The City to help you build your own connected, resilient, inclusive and rewarding micro-local community.

The Manifesto: Six reasons to do it, and six elements to work on to build your Village In The City

The Village In The City worksheet (pdf) helps you think through next steps in the six elements of a functioning Village

Download our Village Building Handbook (issue 1.3 January 2021), packed with practical ideas for building your micro-local community

Call recordings

Call #7: The Chatty Cafe Scheme with Jenny BimpsonView video (Youtube) or listen to audio. 

Call #6:  Community Development and Rekindling Democracy with Cormac Russell: View video (Youtube) 

Call #5:  Engaging with churches with Rev Nick Bowry: View video (Youtube) or listen to audio.

Call #4: The benefits of community with Sanderson Jones: View video (Youtube), or listen to audio.

Call #3:  Getting your village off the ground with Richard Lucas: Listen to audio, see Richard’s slides, or view at

Call #2:  Village Building with Lara Celini: View video (Youtube) or audio.

Call #1: Village In The City Manifesto with Dr Wendy Ellyat and Adrian Hodgson: View video (Youtube) or audio.

All the videos are also on our Videos page.



Village In The City is a post-COVID initiative to help you build micro-local communications and communities where YOU live.

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