Village In The City

“The neighbourhood is the answer”

Cormac Russell, author of Rekindling Democracy

  • Do you want to make your life, and the lives of those around you, better and more fulfilling?
  • Do you want to build a better community in your street or neighbourhood?
  • Are you already involved in local community activities and want to share ideas and help others?
  • Are you working from home and finding yourself wanting to enhance your locality?

Neighbourhood connections and community can enhance Wellbeing, Health, longevity, child raising, Safety, security and Care.

Village In The City helps you to build micro-local communities where YOU live.  Whether it’s at the level of a street, a few blocks or a neighbourhood, you can start and create your own ‘village in the city’.  The good news – it’s not about money. It’s about using your talents and taking small steps to engage others.  And everyone has some useful Skills, Gifts and passions  to bring to the service of our communities.  We have members all over the world.

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How to organise both humanely AND effectively? Mark McKergow’s latest writing is free on Substack

Village In The City founder Dr Mark McKergow has started a new writing project on Substack. He’s building on his work in Host Leadership, Solutions Focus and Village In The City to explore how we might organise both humanely AND effectively. It’s easy to see how to be humane and ineffective. It’s even easier to see how to be effective and inhumane. But how to combine both? Mark’s career has been exploring this question from various angles in learning, coaching, organisational change and community development. Now he’s building on his 30 years of experience to put this work together in new ways, explore the gaps, look at unanswered questions and try to be as clear as possible. It’s free to subscribe and read, with new work every Wednesday.

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“This seems to me to be all about rediscovering our humanity. The opportunity to share ideas with others, within Mark's practical framework, does just that.”

Roger Duck

Then you can:

“The Village Builder course helped me connect my own local experience with ideas from all over the world.”

Leah Davcheva, Dragalevtsi, Sofia, Bulgaria

Village In The City is a post-COVID initiative to help you build micro-local communications and communities where YOU live.

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