• Excited by the prospect of building better micro-local community where you live?
  • Want to get ideas, resources, connection and support?
  • Looking forward to sharing your successes and learnings, and offering help to other village-builders?

Then it’s time to Put Your Village On The Map and join our community of village-builders. You can do this alone (as a start-up village, in yellow) or with at least two others as a village-builder (in blue).

To be on the map as a start-up, all you need to do is complete this very short Google form to let us know where you are. Easy!

The be on the map as a village, all you need to do is reach out locally and find at least two other people who want to work with you to build connection, inclusivity and community in your (maybe very small) area.  Make a place where people can find you – a Facebook page or group is a good start.  Then one of you can complete our short Village-Builder form. This means that you can:

  • Join and contribute to our Village In The City Facebook group 
  • Access our growing collection of resources and materials
  • Find out about and participate in calls and online webinars and forums around various aspects of village building from experts and experienced community builders
  • Download our Village Builders Handbook
  • Share your successes and get ideas and support from village builders around the world

A few frequently asked questions:

  • Do I need ‘official’ backing from my village?

No. You and your colleagues just want to get started on making things better for you and the people around you.  You will be wanting to start reaching out to people and seeing what’s already happening, but anyone can get started right now.  We can help you figure out the next stages.

  • How small can my village be?

As small as you like!  It might be just a few streets, or it might be a named area or suburb.  Villages usually have an identity known locally, so that’s a good starting point.  Think inclusively and be aiming to involve everyone who lives on your patch as you get going.

  • Does my village have to be in a city?

No.  Although Village In The City is aimed primarily at helping to build community and connection in urban settings, we welcome anyone from any place around the world.  It might be a small area of a town, it might be a new development, it might even be an ‘actual’ village.  If you want to build and want to share, then come and join us.

  • What are the rules?

We do have a Village Builders Charter which lays out some basic guidelines for working with others, as part of the sign-up process.  We want to keep this whole endeavour as open and inclusive as possible.

  • Do I have to pay anything?

No. We are offering this free with generous help from our supporters.






Village In The City is a post-COVID initiative to help you build micro-local communications and communities where YOU live.

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