New Villages On The Map – in Scotland and Belgium


Join our monthly Village-Builders call – contact Mark McKergow at for the call link.  Next one is on Wednesday 18 November at 4pm UK time.

Want to be a Start-Up Village – you can! Just complete this very short Google Form and we will be in touch and add you to our map.

Our movement is growing with two new villages on our map!  Willowbrae on the east side of Edinburgh in Scotland is led by Lara Celini, an inspiring village-builder who has been making connections and organising since around 2014.  Lara was the guest on our second call, describing what she’s been doing – it’s well worth a watch.

We also have our first start-up village, led by Anton Stellamans in Winksele, Herent in Belgium (just outside Leuven).  Anton says:

For six years we have organised a get together in our village (Winksele) every other Friday, starting end of July and ending mid September. We simply announce it through 3 blackboards, posted across our village and on 2 village facebook groups. We set up a couple of tables and chairs. From 6:30 am a host is present. The villagers that come bring something to drink and/or eat and everything is shared among the participants. Occasionally someone brings a petanque set along to play with those who feel like it. The number of participants varies from 20 to 50. All generations are present, from babies to 90 year olds. Fascinating to listen to them (the old ones, not the babies). We encourage people to invite their neighbours especially if they moved in recently in our village.

The initiative came from three members of our village committee, which already had a tradition of organising 3 bigger events every year: one is the “Cake on the square” where everybody shares a dessert, the other one is “Together on the streets”, open air bar + street theatre, and the 3rd one is a new year’s drink. 

You can see some of the Winksele summer get-togethers on the right.

Anyone can put your village on the map and join the project!  If it’s just you so far, be a start-up village by completing this very short Google form. If there are already three or more of you, complete this form. We will be moving towards having members only resources and events soon, so it’s a great to time to get involved.

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