We have a thriving online community for village-builders of all ages and experience, from those just starting out to those with considerable experience. Come and join us, free, to access resources, get the latest updates, connect with other village builders, join our calls and events, take part in online training courses and celebrate the growth of micro-local community around the world.

Join us there as we create the art, science and skill of building micro-local community. We support and empower citizens who want to strengthen their local community, improving their lives and those of the people they want to serve.  At VITC we share know how, ideas, good practice and are a community of community builders able and willing to help each other as needed. We believe that inclusive local communities lead directly to better, more positive and meaningful connections, and are inspired by the belief that we can radically improve the lives of the people living on our doorsteps.

  • We’ve got polls, prompts, posts, and questions that can bring more people into conversation in a space that’s all our own.
  • We’ve got Topics to organise our activity, Search to find what you’re looking for, and Save Post for you to quickly come back to your favourites.
  • You can direct message others. You can also post and have threaded conversations.
  • We are organising virtual events and courses.  Andm we can keep conversations and messaging going before, during, and after our events.
  • We will be setting up smaller groups for different topics and discussions – keep an eye out for that.




Village In The City is a post-COVID initiative to help you build micro-local communications and communities where YOU live.

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