Call #4: The benefits of community with Sanderson Jones

Village In The City is all about building micro-local communities to enhance the lives of everyone in the neighbourhood. So what ARE the benefits of connection and community? Join us to explore the research, the experience and the joy of connection with Sanderson Jones! Sanderson was a stand-up comedian who founded the Sunday Assembly movement of ‘secular congregations’, to bring the benefits of church-going to a much wider audience. He is now the founder of The Lifefulness Project, an even bigger endeavour which is ‘dedicated to tackling the crisis in meaning and belonging, by adapting the spiritual community in a way that everyone can take part’.

Sanderson is a marvellous combination of expert, enthusiast and downright super guy, so please do join us free on the Zoom call. There will be the chance to ask questions, and to meet some fellow village-builders and others interested in Village In The City.

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Oct 07 2020


4:00 pm - 5:00 pm

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