Do we need “Village in the City” in villages?


This is another guest blog from Richard Lucas, a member of the Village in The City advisory board, entrepreneur, networker and connector.  He has been wondering about quite how essential is the ‘city’ part of our mission…

Imagine you live in a village – an actual village, in the country. You are community minded, want to connect, but the activities and events around which the village convenes are all interest specific. There are no “all village events” where you can meet anyone and everyone. The clubs and communities are for specific interests and social groups: perhaps a book club, the church, sport and yoga clubs and a cooking group, but not much for everyone.

Perhaps there are many villages like this, in the UK and further afield.

When I volunteered to help Mark with Village in the City the idea of helping bringing “village like” communities to cities seemed most needed, and it still does.

We are wondering whether there are villages that could benefit from our approach and inclusive values as well. Maybe there are villages where community life could be strengthened, through regular community gatherings, newcomers clubs, or projects that could bring people together.

Our name, “Village in the City” might sound as if it is not “for” villages. If anyone who lives in a village wants to see if there is a demand for inclusive, regular “open to all” community activities and projects, we are more than happy to welcome you into the VITC family.

We won’t change our name – but if hundreds or thousands, (or hundreds of thousands!!) villages sign up then we might need a separate website called “strengthening village communities” or something like that.

For now, we are just saying, villagers in villages are welcome. Sign up to join us by putting your village On The Map, either as a start-up or (with three people involved) a full project.

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