Rousseau Neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska is the second Village In The City!


We are very excited to announce that the Rousseau Neighborhood in Lincoln, Nebraska is the second official Village In The City!  Village Builder Randy Bretz has been hard at work during the lockdown helping to create community in the streets around his home in a cul-de-sac around two miles south of the centre of Lincoln and close to the Rousseau Elementary School.  Randy started coming out in the evening to applaud key workers and found himself making connections with neighbours. A few short months on they are now nominated as one of the ‘nicest places in America 2020’!  You can read all about the story in this article.

Randy says “I truly believe in the Village in the City philosophy. When we get to know one another more than just drive by and wave, we help each other, we watch out for each other, we accept and understand each other better.”  So well said…

It’s interesting that the Rousseau Neighborhood didn’t exist as a name until Randy got to work.  Sometimes Villages In The City are already established, and sometimes (like here) they are borne from a small initiative that just engages people to see themselves in a new way, and as a new place. You too can Put Your Village On The Map, join Randy and the rest of us in learning, sharing, connecting and supporting each other as we create micro-local communities around the world.

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